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Ateliers Mommaerts

The challenge of this renovation was to develop two shops on the ground floor and three flats per storey, taking account of the existing building, in particular the listed front façade, and observing all the constraints inherent to such a project (fire brigade requirements, access for persons with reduced mobility, etc.).
Thanks to solar panels and a pellet boiler, the whole building achieves the low-energy standard (58 kWh/m².yr). As this is a collective building, there are plans to install a system to handle metering, distribution and centralisation of the heat, hot water and domestic cold water consumption for each renter.
The roof is composed of various types of areas; on the one hand, an extensive green roof covering, and on the other hand, white sealing increasing the yield of the solar panels on the roof and allowing greater rainwater recovery.


Rue Comte de Flandre 45-51, 1080 Molenbeek


Molenbeek Municipality


CERAU Architects Partners

Engineering design:

3E, Matriche


45 Rue du Comte de Flandre
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