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Altantis is a high-end passive floating hotel project. It includes 60 rooms on the two lower levels. On the upper level, which provides access to the structure, there are a restaurant area and administrative premises.
Heating needs have been reduced to a minimum, with a consumption of 15 kWh/m2.yr (Brussels average: 150), thanks to a high level of insulation and airtightness (wooden structure, cellulose, FSC wood, etc.). Heat or cooling is recovered from the canal water by a pump.
Cooling is also produced by cold radiant ceilings. Pellet cogeneration supplies virtually all the needs for domestic hot water and electricity. Moreover, the hotel is self-sufficient with regard to water. Drawn from the canal, it is then purified to obtain various levels of quality, ranging up to drinkability. Waste water is filtered before being discharged into the canal with a better quality than before.


Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels




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