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Avenue Besme

In this Art Deco-style building housing offices and residences, all possible techniques have been used:heat recovery, thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, ground-coupled heat exchanger, low-consumption lighting, etc. The result is a consumption of 48kWh/m2.yr.
The attention given to environmental quality is considerable: rainwater recovery, a green roof, and FSC-certified wood. The significant cumulative window area has required rigorous attention to airtightness: double glazing, seals across the window casements, expanding foam around the fixed frames, wooden window frames, vapour barrier beneath the entire roof, and installation of a glass partition in the large ventilation system.
As the building has a lift, a valve system to regulate ventilation of the shaft had to be fitted.


Avenue Besme 107-109, 1190 Forest


Foreign Office SA & CSI SA


A-Cube Architecture

Engineering design:



107 Avenue Besme