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Belle Vue

The former Belle-Vue breweries have been converted into a four-star hotel complex with 150 rooms. The client’s intention was to offer a new type of high-profile hotel offering cultural and recreational activities.
The project has planned for installation of lightweight dividing walls easy to disassemble, for great flexibility in use: the spaces are easy to rearrange or convert. The interior insulation of the main building allows a low-energy level to be achieved, with heating consumption reduced to 34 kWh/m2.yr. The façades have very good environmental performance due to installation of a wooden framework insulated with cellulose and wooden window frames.
A number of passive solutions are used: reduction of glazed areas, external blinds, facilities generating little heat, and top cooling, in which cooling is produced through adiabatic humidification. The hotel has a garden and terraces.


Quai du Hainaut, 33, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean


Nelson Canal sa


A2M sprl

Engineering design:

Arcadis Belgium NV


31 Quai du Hainaut