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Bergoje Park

Despite urbanisation, this park has preserved the semi-natural appearance of a wetland dominated by a wooded slope. Developed as a place for walking in the context of the Brussels “green network”, it is located in the extension of the Rouge-Cloître and the Forest of Soignes, to which it was once attached.

In 1994, Brussels Environment made this small section of clayey ground into a park, preserving the natural features of the site.

A steep hill with wooded vegetation is oriented to the south. Below extends a valley crossed by an open stream. One path runs along the waterway, while another reaches the summit of the site. They are connected by two footpaths running along the hillside. Under the pedunculate oaks, chestnuts and other species, the ground is carpeted with ivy. The mixture of woodrushes and beeches is one of the special features of the spot. Grey poplars embellish the entry. Frogs, red-eared slider turtles and various species of ducks populate the marsh.

The differentiated management of the site aims to channel the traffic of passersby and revitalise the marsh. It is now listed as a Natura 2000 special area of conservation.


21 Clos du Bergoje