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Bonnevie Park

Developed in the centre of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, this park offers residents a space for play and relaxation. A local initiative realised by the Brussels-Capital Region, it is a park with a social purpose developed on a participatorybasis.

The games offered are the result of a participatory dynamic renewed in 2008. They have been created to respond to the expectations of the young public. Unveiled in the spring of 2011, these facilities are adapted to all age groups. Made up of structures in steel and wood, they represent a voyage to new adventures for the children of the neighbourhood.

This area occupies a central place with its special features, its safe synthetic covering and its sandbox.It also has a large sport field.

The shrubbery that embellishes the park has been selected for its resistance, hardiness, attractiveness, and limited height. Planted beds insulate the square from the public roads. The rows of large trees emphasise views of the neighbourhood and provide residents visual as well as noise protection.

Management of the park is provided by a partnership between Brussels Environment, Molenbeek municipality and several neighbourhood associations.


22 Rue Bonnevie
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