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The Brutopia project was born of a common wish of about thirty men and women, provincial to some people: to live in Brussels in a way that is simultaneously sustainable, collective, responsible and ecological.
Buying together, to pay less: this is one of the ideas at the foundation of this project. Acquisition of a site, joint construction without a developer, group purchase of individual finishing materials (kitchen equipment, bathtub, etc.) along with everything that can be done oneself, allow prices to be reduced and make this living project possible.
Taken together, the solutions used for construction, finishing, and heating systems reduce heating consumption to 28 kWh/m2.yr. Water management is rationalised and a rainwater recovery system has been installed, with a 30 m3 cistern. On the site, 757 m2are allocated to the garden for various purposes: planting of trees, a vegetable garden, and composting.


Avenue Van Volxem 381-383, 1190 Forest




Stekke + fraas, Architects + AAAA architects

Engineering design:

Daidalos Peutz, Flow Transfert International sa


381 Avenue Van Volxem