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Chaussée de Neerstalle

In the framework of the Saint-Denis neighbourhood contract, the Municipality of Forest is building 11 residences complying with the passive standard. Efficient insulation of the shell and a ground-coupled heat exchanger allow this project to show very good energy results, with a heating consumption of 13 kWh/m2.yr.
Thirty-five square metres of thermal solar panels have been installed, as well as a 10,000L rainwater cistern. The project design includes significant sun protection consisting of climbing plants on the street-side façade supplemented by green roofs, thus creating green terraces for the tenants and managing any overheating in summer.
Private terraces are also planned on the green roofs on the rear façade or on the main roof. Extensive green roofs occupy an area of 180 m2, with 66 m2 of intensive roof. The landscaping is completed by a common garden.


Chaussée de Neerstalle 151-153, 1190 Forest


Municipal Administration of Forest


B612 associates

Engineering design:

Détang, Ney & Partners, Enesta sprl 


148 Chaussée de Neerstalle
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