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Chaussée de Saint-Job

The project involved constructing a passive building of three flats, one located in the basement and ground floor, the second on the first floor, and the last occupying the two upper levels.
The materials are recycled or recyclable: cellulose, wood wool, EPDM, and mineral plaster.
To achieve a heating consumption of 13 kWh/m2.yr, airtghtness of the building has been especially carefully considered: exclusion of the basements and garages, meticulous connections, a vapour barrier, and a concrete slab.
Domestic water is preheated by 12 m2 of thermal solar panels. The building is equipped with a transverse free cooling system coupled to a bypass to reduce the risks of overheating.
Water management is rationalised and a 10 m3 cistern recovers rainwater. The unit is planted with 42 m2 of extensive roof and climbing plants on the façade. The building is located in a mixed area (residences, shops) preserving a “village” atmosphere, very lively thanks to various activities.


Chaussée de Saint-Job 119, 1180 Uccle


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Atelier d’Architecture Galand sprl

Engineering design:

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119 Chaussée de Saint-Job
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