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Chaussée de Waterloo

This 2070 m2 building has been allocated to “low energy” businesses on the ground floor and passive housing on the upper floors. The project is located on a site already including a townhouse that has been surrounded by new buildings.
Special attention has been devoted in the project to analysis of its urban setting and to promoting positive interactions between the environment and the building. The housing on the street is turned toward the interior space (west) to provide maximum protection from traffic nuisances. The other units are oriented toward the south.
A green space has been laid out in front of the common dividing wall, allowing significant light intake. As developed, the site allows everyone to preserve his privacy. Heating needs have been reduced to 14 kWh/m²/yr for the housing and 30 kWh/m²/yr for the shops. Sixty-six square metres of thermal solar cells heat part of the domestic water.


Chaussée de Waterloo 1253, 1180 Uccle




B612 Associates

Engineering design:

MATRIciel, Greisch


1253 Chaussée de Waterloo
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