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Clos de la quiétude

This home for the elderly is composed of a basement, a mezzanine, a ground floor and four upper storeys, including one on the rooftop. The principal objective is construction of 59 rooms with adjoining care and relaxation facilities.
The entire mezzanine, open onto the garden, is devoted to a common multifunctional area: cafeteria, bar, and various activities. In order to limit energy consumption while respecting the requirements for comfort, there is a ground-coupled heat exchanger, a subterranean water pumping system to provide cooling during warm periods, solar panels, a rainwater cistern, and an extensive green roof.
To keep a constant temperature of 24° around the clock, heat is produced by a cogenerator, which also supplies the energy necessary to control the relative humidity of the air. All this with an energy consumption of 25kWh/m2.yr. The occupants can garden and take a walk amongst the greenery.


Avenue de la Quiétude 15, 1140 Evere


Clos de la Quiétude


C-Nous Architecture sprl

Engineering design:

Bureau Détang sa


15 Avenue de la Quiétude
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