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Duden Park

Connected to the Park of Forest by Lainé Square, Duden Park has a radically different physiognomy from these. A real “green lung” of Forest, the site perpetuates the woodland past of the municipality.  

It was once part of the “Bois de la Heegde”, which in the Middle Ages belonged to the Benedictine abbey of Forest. Today, it still belongs to the Royal Trust, but its management and restoration have been confided to Brussels Environment.

The highest of its hills reaches over 90 metres in altitude, its lowest part less than 55 metres. A relief, therefore, in which steep slopes dominate. Aside from some large lawns, the park is made up of a beech grove and plantings of hardwoods. The botanical richness of Duden Park is also revealed in its very original herbaceous plantings. Numerous birds and bats nest in the old trees of Duden Park.

The northern extremity of the park has been developed to emphasise the panoramic view that extends over Lainé Square, the Park of Forest and beyond, over the city and the Palais de Justice (Law Courts).

An inventory of the fauna and flora of the park allows protective measures to be taken as necessary. The complete renovation of the park should eventually increase its biodiversity.


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Parc Duden / Het Dudenpark