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Gaucheret child care centre

The new Gaucheret child-care centre is under construction at the boundary between the North neighbourhood and the former mid-income neighbourhoods. It can accommodate 48 children.
Thanks to excellent insulation of all the construction features and high airtightness, the heating requirement of the building is limited to only 14 kWh/m².yr (Brussels average: 106). The fresh air intake of the ventilation unit is connected to an earth-air heat exchanger. This solution has the advantage of slightly preheating the air in winter, allowing energy to be saved.
This building also has excellent characteristics with regard to ecological use of materials and an entirely FSC-certified wood frame. For the children’s comfort, attention has also been paid to the problem of noise pollution: soundproof windows and acoustically absorbent dropped ceilings have been provided.


Rue Rogier, 1030 Schaerbeek


Schaerbeek Municipality


MDW Architecture

Engineering design:

Luxconsult Belgium, Waterman TCA, CETIM


66 Rue Rogier
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