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The project is located in a quiet, green residential area. It includes three units with six rooms and one unit with seven rooms, with one bathroom per unit. The four pavilions arranged in the form of a star and grouped around common living areas take advantage of the light coming from the east or south.
These living areas, with their raised roofs and transom windows, also benefit from the best natural light. The project is a very-low-energy structure with a heating requirement of 30 kWh/m2.yr. Priority has been given to construction methods with a low environmental impact.
n addition to a 20 m3 cistern to recover rainwater, the project provides for integrated management of the cistern through a combination of recovery and infiltration of the water on-site. An extensive green roof is planned.


Rue Potaarde 168, 1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe


H.O.P.P.A asbl


ADV Architectural Studio

Engineering design:



162 Rue Potaarde
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