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Jette Marsh

Along the Avenue de l’Exposition Universelle, this site constitutes one of the ecological treasures of King Baudouin Park. A nature reserve and Natura 2000 special area of conservation, it reminds Brussels residents of the joys of strolling through unrestrained nature.

The reed beds are made up of dense beds of reeds and a homogeneous flora appropriate to wetlands. In the meadows, primula, marigold, yellow iris, valerian, buttercup, foxtail, etc., bloom. The vegetation and the relative tranquillity of the site attract a very diverse avifauna, such as the common kestrel, moorhen, mallard duck, grey heron and even the long-eared owl.

The site is also greatly valued by frogs and even the grass snake. It serves as a habitat and feeding area for 12 species of bats.

Management of the site ensures that it has an adequate supply of high-quality water, and maintains the stagnant water on-site. For upkeep, Brussels Environment has developed a partnership with the Brussels-West Environmental Commission (Commission de l’environnement de Bruxelles-ouest, CEBO non-profit organisation). Its volunteers promote the development of biodiversity while limiting the development of certain invasive species.


42 Avenue Mathieu De Jonge
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