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Laeken Park

The royal park of Laeken is part of a vast complex of land including the Royal Domain and several surrounding parks in the north of Brussels (Osseghem, Sobieski, etc.). It is on the itinerary of the Green Promenade.

During the reign of Leopold II, development works for the fiftieth anniversary of national independence were completed in 1890. In 1958, the park served as a setting for a number of pavilions of the Universal Exposition.

The site has an English-style landscape layout, with broad avenues, winding paths, vast lawns, flowerbeds, groves and beds of yews and cherry laurels. When the sun is shining, the arrangement of trees creates a backdrop and a play of shade and light. The Monument of the Dynasty is the crowning glory here, accessible by two winding lanes where about twenty varieties of magnolias bloom.

Forty-five trees in the park are on the list of remarkable trees of the Brussels-Capital Region, including a Virginia tulip and a bitternut hickory.

LaekenParkis beautiful, but old. Given the extent of the site, it will be renovated in phases extending over several years. In the meantime, the trees are pruned and flowers are planted each season. 


90 Drève Sainte-Anne
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