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Rue du fort

This former piano factory has been converted into an environmental office (‘counter’) and a three-bedroom residence. The structure of the house has been preserved as much as possible and behind it is an office building with a wooden framework inserted between the existing adjacent buildings.
The techniques implemented are significant insulation of the shell, meticulous airtightness, rainwater recovery, triple glazing in the extension and double flow ventilation with heat recovery. Also part of the project are all the aspects that give it its sustainable character: a green roof, optimised natural light, cellulose, certified wood, linoleum, etc.
The garden consists of a lawn and an evaporation basin, but also a vegetable garden and a composting area. The dividing wall is planted. All this is quite visible and illustrative for the public making use of the ‘environmental counter’ and the housing.


Rue du Fort 33, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Municipality of Saint-Gilles


Ledroit-Pierret-Pollet Architectural Firm

Engineering design:



33 Rue du Fort