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Rue Eenens

This renovated building is composed of two housing units (3 and 4 rooms). The lower duplex has the advantage of the garden, while that upstairs has a large terrace.
Thanks to its compactness and reinforced insulation, the building complies with passive house standards: its heating requirements are reduced to 13 kWh/m².yr (Brussels average: 150). Common materials and techniques have made the cost of renovation manageable. Each flat has its own gas central heating.
Fifty-six percent of the domestic hot water is produced using solar energy (11 m2 of collectors) and double flow ventilation with heat recovery provides economical aeration. The 2000 L rainwater tank supplies the four toilets of the building. The kitchens are arranged so that waste can be sorted conveniently. This has eliminated the need for a common waste room.


Rue Général Eenens 41, 1030 Schaerbeek


Schaerbeek Foyer


Atelier La Licorne

Engineering design:

Fraiture Promo Consult, Technical and Data Consulting


41 Rue Général Eenens
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