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Rue Faes

The client, a woodworker by profession, has chosen a former industrial building in which to establish both his workshop and residence. The workshop and the residence are equipped with a wood-fired central heating installation fed by the wood waste generated in the workshop itself and that of the neighbouring woodworkers.
Not only is this solution a notable example of an interesting use of waste as a renewable fuel, it is also totally neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions. This installation is combined with a 2200 litre solar boiler supplied by18 m² of flat collectors.
The electricity needs are provided by 18 m² of photovoltaic panels. The ecological aspect has also received special attention: rainwater is recovered, and all the materials used for the renovation are sustainable.


RueFaes 20, 1090 Jette


Maison Hubert Cabay s.a.


Modelmo Architecture

Engineering design:

Ally & Be Consult sprl


20 Rue Edouard Faes
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