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Rue Montagne de Saint- Job

This small house was designed for two people and includes an architectural studio. Maximum influx of natural light has been chosen.
This residence was designed to be a passive house. The neighbour to the right having decided not to build for the time being, the house only achieves a “low-energy” level for now. It has an initial annual heating requirement of 29 kWh/m².yr without a neighbour and 15 kWh/m².yr in the future.
A gas condensing boiler with a solar water heater is responsible for the heating and hot water supply. Electricity needs are supplied by 12 m2 of photovoltaic cells.
Balanced ventilation with heat recovery guarantees good air quality. Rainwater is collected from the rear area (51 m2) of the roof of the building and that of the neighbour. This allows enough water to be collected for the toilets and for maintenance. Materials have been selected as a function of their ecological balance.


Rue Montagne de Saint - Job 35, 1180 Uccle


G. Bedoret and V. Damas


G. Bedoret Engineering design: G. Bedoret


47 Montagne de Saint-Job
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