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Tenbosch Park

Tenbosch Park is the work of an enthusiast. Its botanical significance is exceptional. Its plant assets make it one of the most interesting parks in Brussels. It is also a neighbourhood park, an area for relaxation and socialising, a play area and a refuge for numerous birds in the city.

The dendrologist (botanist specialising in trees) Jean-Louis Semet is responsible for the creation of Tenbosch Park. He transformed it into a botanical garden and arboretum.

The site has a wealth of trees and plants. Over seventy of them are on the list of remarkable trees in the Brussels-Capital Region, including some specimens unique in Belgium. They attract numerous birds, such as the titmouse, wood pigeon, robin, blackbird, hedge sparrow, chaffinch and Eurasian collared dove. Sometimes a red squirrel, heron, dormouse, dwarf monk parakeet or rabbit shows its nose (or beak).

Brussels Environment is developing the park along the lines of a private garden (for example, the location of benches depends on the decor or the sun exposure, and not on a principle of composition) while continuing to enrich this exceptional asset.


217 Chaussée de Vleurgat
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