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Tournay-Solvay Park

Tournay-Solvay Park (from the name of its first owner) is among the most beautiful parks of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Formerly reclaimed from the Forest of Soignes, this park combines an assortment of varied spaces and is characterised by significant differences in altitude. At the summit, an English-style garden includes exotic trees as well as a rose garden. A beech grove and a more natural forest spread across the slopes. In the valley, where there are two ponds, the yellow lily, spirea, meadowsweet, and marsh marigold abound. Perch, pike, roach, tench and bream populate the ponds, while all around live common frogs, tufted ducks, ducks and herons. Next there is an orchard made up of several varieties of apple and cherry trees. It precedes a vegetable garden cultivated by private individuals, composed of fruit trees and medicinal, culinary or perennial plants.



201 Chaussée de La Hulpe
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