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Valley of the Molenbeek

This 6.7 km-long section gives an overview of the great diversity of the green spaces of the valley of the Molenbeek. It runs through King Baudouin Park in large part, but also through rural or wetter landscapes. Main attractions King Baudouin Park.

Nearby: Laerbeek and Dieleghem woods, Poelbos nature reserve. Kattebroek marsh, at the bottom of the valley: great diversity in fauna and flora. Zavelenberg nature reserve: ruminants, hedges, wet meadowland, woods, clumps of poplars and willows and one of the last farms still operating in the Brussels region. Wilder site: gently rolling wooded spaces, meadows, pond, orchard, vegetable gardens. Nearby: historic centre of the village of Berchem.


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